An update from Norm Sloan:

I've been living in Chicago since November,1984, working in Customer Service at the same firm which hired me three days after I got here after I left Detroit (where I lived for three years and worked as a proofreader at another financial printer and did some work with some small publications). Prior to that I lived in Milwaukee for five years,just after I left Boston in November,1974. November seems to be a month for major transitions in my life—so far they have been beneficial. IF something happens this November, I'm not so sanguine, given the international situation and the industry I am in. I live a few blocks from Lake Michigan in an area variously referred to as Lakeview, Wrigleyville or Boystown, since it's borders the Lake, contains Wrigley Field and is the heart of the gay and lesbian community.

I've been active as a volunteer with various arts organizations since I moved here, at varying levels of intensity of commitment. I'm a member of THE SAINTS, which is an umbrella organization which provides volunteer oportunities for those interested in assisting a wide swath of organizations, from basement theatres with 25 seats to the Chicago Symphony. I'm at a theater or film most nights of the week. The arts have become my religion,in certain senses. The name of the organization came about because it was started as the house volunteer organization of the St. Nicholas Players, where David Mamet was the resident playwright. SNP went out of business and the organization kept the name and took on a much wider mission, now involving 1400 members. I'm on the Donations Committee,which contributes a few thousand dollars a year to various groups based on excellence and need.

Speaking of theater and Xavier—you may already be aware of this—Brian McEleney is the head of Trinity Rep and Brown's MFA ACTING PROGRAM,in addition to acting and dircting there. He played one of the leading roles at TRINITY in ANGELS IN AMERICA. I've seen four productions of that (including Broadway) and wished I'd been able to see that. I check the Globe and Phoenix websites for reviews. The last time I saw him onstage was at Xavier in J. B. I did meet an actor here who was a roommate of his in NYC (small—theatrical—world). For awhile,TRINITY's acting program ads featured him in the scene in ANGELS when the Angel crashes throught the ceiling and his character is in a stunned prostrate pose on the bed.

I've been a volunteer deputy voter registrar and wound up registering over 40,000 voters in the course of several elections since 1988. I was involved in the work to pass a Human Rights Ordinance for the City of Chicago (which passed the City Council in 1988).

My parents still live in Framingham, in the same house. My four brothers are spread out between there and Rhode Island/Worcester. My sister lives with her husband in Colorado Springs.

I'm fortunate to live in Chicago,where life has so markedly improved over the years,though I'd rather— even now—live in New York City, which has been my Holy Land for a number of reasons, since I was 4. For the last few years,I've been going there once a year for 7-10 days, staying near Lincoln Center. Each visit would involve a couple of hours a day, sitting on the carpet,reading the papers,having coffee waiting for the TKTS booth to open at Two World Trade Center. I almost didn't visit as usual in late June, thinking about the expense and time,but the usual overwhelming pull to be there exerted itself in various ways and I did make it. Not to have done so would have made 9/11 even more devastating than it remains.

I don't know whether I'll be able to go to the reunion. I really appreciate all your efforts to assert historical continuity is necessary for the alumni/alumna of these schools with too brief lives.

I'll continue to follow the website. My home address is 842 West Waveland Chicago,IL 60613 (three blocks from Wrigley Field,where this still adamantly sportsphobic person has never set foot: maybe one day. . . if Lyric Opera of Chicago acquires it as a second home). It's a three story greystone built in 1907,which I co-own with someone who left to pursue his MBA,leaving me to find two roommates. I found one so far: Chairman of the English Dept of one of the universities here,who commutes to NYC where his wife and 2 kids live. It turned out I'd heard him being in- terviewed on NPR earlier in the year on his memoir about being the hearing son of deaf British Jewish immigrant parents in NYC.

If anyone's heading this way and has interests enumerated (perhaps overenumerated) in rest of message and is planning ot visit Chicago,I can be reached via phone, too, at 773/528-8746, if they need some guidance here.

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